About Larené Lues

Welcome to my website!
A short introduction about Heaven's Pearls and the dream behind it.
Heaven’s pearls is not just a care or educational centre or an Au pair Agency but we are a FurtherEducation Centre who facilitated Accredited Preschool and Further skills to mothers, carers and young women who need an income but at the same time wish to learn through delivering a educational and care service to international clients both local and abroad . Although Heaven’s pearls started off as a baby care facility, the main objective was to train, motivate and Mentor other young women to spread their wings to fly and discover the world while taking care of children. 

What made me decide to become an Au pair at age 23?
This care services on the main website was birthed after my journey since I graduated high school and wasn’t
sure what to do with the next chapter of my life. I had so many skills and many talents but wasn’t
sure, what to use as a career path or if my choice would fulfill me. I am adventures in nature and love
to travel and therefore chose to study a Diploma in Tourism through Australian College.
While studying a 2 year programme I also worked full time at Sasol Corporate office in Rosebank as a Help desk support administrator & coordinator.

Education is expensive and it’s better to take time to rather experience the world and the various
industries than wasting your parents or your own money and time to pay for a qualification that you
won’t use and don’t like as you though you would.
It wasn’t easy to study and to work full time but it was my choice as I had a plan in mind to go and travel one day and I needed to save up for my dream to not place the full burden on my parents. 

One day in 2016 after tolerating more than enough from a very nasty manager who couldn’t treat
staff members with respect but yelled at them as if they were in the Army and subordinate beings, I decided to write my resignation and pack my bags to fly to another country. I already did my research on Au pair sites and after several interviews I found the family that I felt comfortable to go and live with in Frankfurt, Germany and become an Au pair with the purpose to teach English to the young girl I cared for. You could’ve called me an educational Au Pair / short Edu Au pair. One thing I needed the most during my time overseas was back-up support from an educational company or Mentor who could assist me with various things or to simply give advice, whether for guidance on specific activities I could do with the child or to assist me with host family issues. I for one did run out of ideas to keep the child busy and as a young school leaver I still had a lot to learn.

Although I had corporate experience and some preschool teaching experience I obtained during my school holidays, it still wasn’t enough to give me the confidence to create stimulating activities on my own. 
There are many Au pair agencies but not one of them continues to give you the Education and Mentoring support that I now give to the Au pairs and EduNannies who I mentor in my centre. Those who enrol in the Educational learning programme become a member of the Women Empowerment Programme (Walk in my Shoes Project) and will receive ongoing support whilst he/she is in service to a host family.

Some Host families want an Au pair to give special attention to the child’s education and skills and therefore I created the name Edu Nanny and Edu Aupair as it will be a different set of skills required for such an Educational service provider and with a different agreement that is often not communicated between the Agency and the Host family or the Au pair.

There is often no one who can facilitate the agreement between the Au pair and the Host family after the Agency had recruited an Au pair for a specific family. Then they disappear and you are all on your own unless the host family complain about your series. I decided to facilitate that process due to my own experience and that of some of my Au pair friends and to ensure that it is a mutual beneficial agreement and services delivered for appropriate remuneration between the Host family and Au pair.
Therefore, my daily tasks did not only evolve around keeping the child busy but I had to work out an education programme to teach the little girl English in one year but in a playful and constructive manner. During my stay in Frankfurt and travelling alone to Italy and Netherlands to visit other Au pair agencies as part of my research, I could identify a huge skills gap and a need that exist in Europe for the children that needed Educational home care and not only basic care. I wanted to know how to prepare other Au pairs who would want to go and experience Europe and even Australia where I visited in 2013. 

About the curriculum I developed:
I am passionate about excellence in early childhood education. I do a mainly Reggio inspired child-led/ teacher-facilitated/ play-based intensive curriculum. Aspects of Montessori and other programs are sprinkled throughout as well.
The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education views young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them. Educational, psychological, and sociological influences are important factors to consider in understanding children and working to stimulate learning in appropriate ways. Reggio teachers employ strategies such as exposing children to a wide variety of educational opportunities that encourage self-expression, communication, logical thinking, and problem-solving.

My Professional background:
I am currently completing my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and college courses in Educational Psychology, along with my already completed 120-hour TEFL and CPR for children and infants’ certificates. My mentor has more than 30 years in the Educational industry and Special Education, so I always have her expertise to tap into as well.
During my studies (2016-2017) I decided to complete a full cultural and language exchange year in Germany as an Au pair. It was a truly multicultural enlightenment and enriching experience. One that impacted my outlook on education and has given me a new motivation to look into the potential of furthering my own knowledge around education.

Although I have completed an Australian Accredited Diploma in Tourism, I always had a passion for working with children and teaching them brings fulfillment to my life, thus the reason I decided to focus my career solely on the development of children.
Over the past 9 years, I have accepted varies opportunities to work with children in preschool and primary schools both in Germany and South Africa. I had the chance to develop and teach children between the ages of 3 months – 9 years of age. I provided effective classroom management, supervision, creative lesson plans and detailed student evaluations.

My most recent teaching and teacher-training experience was at Jellybabies Educational Daycare in Paardevlei - Somerset West, where I assisted with upskilling of teachers and assistants. Not only have I had the privilege to gain valuable experience, they made me part of a wonderful network of teachers.

If I had to describe myself in five adjectives, I would say that I am patient, attentive, flexible, cordial, and sympathetic. I believe that I can make a difference one child at a time! I love seeing their faces light up when they're excited about something! My biggest passion is seeing the rapid growth of infants in their first year, the milestones they reach are of the utmost importance as it is the first foundation for later development.

I welcome you to my very own Exclusive Baby Care Studio (Currently closed during the pandemic, see other services offered). Heaven’s Pearls, because each one precious and unique in their own way.