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"I have traveled to Europe and back, and back again - loved every second of it and I want to make it happen for you!." - Larené Lues (Read about Larené's own Au pair experience)

Families that are searching for long term Au pairs are also very family-focused and concerned with child safety; parents will expect you to have the skills and knowledge to keep kids safe when you have an Au Pair job. That is why we recommend that any Au Pair wishing to go oversees prepare first with a training course designed with an Au Pair role in mind alongside Larené Lues as your mentor and guide to personally give you the inside scoop of all the nitty gritties and needed knowledge; all the way to setting up your first interview with a potential host family and being available for advice and guidance during your time abroad.

About the training

We offer a quality learning opportunity by means of a practical approach. Your skills will be tested in our training rooms where you will work with children who are cared for daily.

Our courses offered will allow you to obtain a certificate of completion as well as work place experience.

We aim to provide a quality training programme for all those wanting to enter a career in child care.
Careers options can include nannies, au pair, preschool assistant and preschool practitioner.

By enrolling in the child care training course, you can greatly improve your chances of getting Au Pair or Nanny jobs with the families you want.

At the end, you have a certificate of completion to prove that you are ready to be an amazing Au Pair! Parents love to know that their Au Pair understands their children’s needs and will know what to do in case of an emergency.

4 reasons why you should be an Au pair

Not sure whether you'd really like to go abroad as an au pair? We tell you 4 reasons why you should be an au pair for sure!

1. All-inclusive (...and we mean really): A new country, a new language, a new culture in one easy package 

One of the strongest reasons to take the big step and become an au pair is the total package that you get. During an au pair stay you live in another country and have the chance to do lots of travelling there. You learn the language more or less automatically in everyday life, and if you want you can certainly take a language course, too. And really getting to know another culture is definitely part of the deal, too. How, after all, can you experience more of another country's culture than sharing everyday life with a local family.

2. New friends from around the world – Your next destinations are also all arranged ;-)

A great thing about being an au pair is that there are so many other au pairs and young adventurers whom you also get to meet. That means you're making friends with people from all around the world. And since it's only natural to want to keep in contact with new friends, you have the opportunity to visit each other in your home countries after your au pair stay is finished.

3. A home away from home

In your host country, your host family and especially the host kids will come to have a special place in your heart as you become a part of the family. Maybe you'll be on hand when your host kids ride a bike for the first time or speak their first words or take their first steps. These are moments that you'll never forget. Being an au pair doesn't just stop when the au pair stay is finished. Visiting your host family again after your stay will certainly be something to look forward to.

4. An experience that you'll never forget

You're travelling maybe for the very first time to another country all on your own. You live there, speak a foreign language, meet new people, take care of children, and handle important responsibilities. All of this together makes au pairing an adventure that you will never forget. The places that you'll travel to, the people whom you'll meet, perhaps you'll even fall in love... These are the adventures that you'll be telling stories about when you return.

Being an au pair means taking on new responsibilities, experiencing highs and lows, doing all kinds of things for the very first time. These experiences will make you grow and let you learn lots and lots about yourself. If you're not yet sure what kind of career you'd like to have, being an au pair may give you some new ideas. Or even help you to decide what it is you don't want to do.

That all sounds pretty great, doesn't it? There are various possibilities for organising an au pair stay. As part of our training course we will guide you to search for a host family and we will provide the support you need along the way, e.g setting up your first interview with your potential host family and also being available to you for advice during your time abroad. There are 21 different host countries you can choose from (Depending on South African visa regulations).

We will assist to set up your unique Au pair profile and you'll be ready to take the first steps toward your Au pair adventure! We'll do our best to assist you, but placements cannot be guaranteed. Our partner screens all of our host families for safety very similarly to how we screen our Au pairs and EduNannies.

Overview of course

The short course explores the concept of child development and how important it is to the work that we carry out with children.

Discover child development theories and learn how to apply them to situations within your setting (nanny, au pair, preschool assistant or preschool practitioner.) Study aspects of development, including brain development, and consider how best to prepare activities for children and guide their learning.

A work placement is not required to complete this course as you will do practical work in our child care & training facility and the learning is appropriate for childcare practitioners from a range of settings.


Learning outcomes:
You will learn that children’s development begins from the moment of conception. 
You will learn that a child’s development is influenced by the adults who care for them. 
You will learn to be aware of a child’s needs.
You will learn that individual children develop in different ways and that it is extremely important that every child is treated as an individual.
Advantages of this course:
This course looks at child development theories and theorists, and why it is important to know how children develop when working with them. 
It is important to understand the areas of child development to offer appropriate learning experiences and levels of support for each individual child. 
Additional activities encourage you to reflect on your learning. 

Certificate of completion available and is included in the price

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Beat the Competition! 

There is a lot of competition these days for good child care jobs Locally & Abroad – get the advantage with our exclusive training course that is supported by the Heaven's Pearls Educational Philosophy. When you show a potential host family your certificate they will be impressed and keen to hire you to join their family.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt