We take care of your most precious pearl

Our care facility is temporarily closed

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Need Private Nanny, Au Pair or Domestic Child Care during the lock down?

Many of our families are in the Helderberg area, although we do place au pairs and nannies with families all over Cape Town. Using our years of child care experience we give good guidance to au pairs and to families and help answer any of their questions to help ensure that the placement is a total success for both au pair and for family.
Carefully matching au pairs and nannies to families personally we take great care to give everyone the best possible service and result.
Please call us now or read more about our service.
We have a database comprised of prospective au pairs, nannies, elderly companions and pet nannies from all over South Africa.  We also accept candidates from Europe to work in South Africa, and vice versa.

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We provide a safe, loving, homely environment for your most precious pearl in our care facility.

Our educational care programme is full-time and runs during the school year from 7:00am to 18:00pm Monday to Friday (Flexible hours available). This program is designed for infants and toddlers, we take a holistic approach, paying attention to children's physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning.

There are maximum 5 children in the group.

At Heaven's Pearls it is our goal to be a second home for your child, giving the love, support and personal attention to each child that you give in your own home.

This is because we believe that children thrive best when they feel safe, valued and listened to.


Experienced and qualified

Lead teacher, Larené Lues with current Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Development and 5+ years international and national child care experience. Mother as a mentor with more than 30 years in the Educational industry and Special Education Skills Development & Training.

Security Cameras

We have web accessible CCTV cameras in our baby room. These cameras monitor your little one’s movements and everyday activities, so you have the unique opportunity to log in to see what your child is up to – any time of day. Once you’ve enrolled your child, we’ll send you a unique username and password.

Stimulating Environment 

We accommodate 5 babies in the group, so that we can provide your little one with dedicated care and attention, After a sensitively managed settling-in period, you can feel confident that your child will be happy, comfortable and relaxed with us. We are experienced and uniquely trained in caring for children, as well as talking and working with you as new parents. Our dedicated space is equipped with special play zones, low-level furniture for accessibility and a cosy, calm sleeping area. We have a dedicated curriculum through which we do a variety of daily activities with each child. 

The heartbeat of Heaven's Pearls

Taking care of your most precious pearl

Larené Lues (27)

Owner and Lead Teacher

Languages: Afrikaans, English and German.

"To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter."
Larené Lues

Sulante Ligthelm

recommends Heaven's Pearls Exclusive Baby Care.

"Larne is 'n pragtige mensie, sprankelend en geduldig met 'n passie vir kinders. Sys goed gekwalifiseerd, jy kan nie verkeerd gaan nie. Voorspoed met die nuwe avontuur 💜"

Rozanne Botha

recommends Heaven's Pearls Exclusive Baby Care.

"I met Larené in 2016 when she Au Paired in Frankfurt, Germany.
Larené is a very loving, patient and ambitious person. She has a passion for children and I admire the way she works with kids from different age groups. She is trustworthy, kind and warm hearted. She is also very creative when it comes to different development activities for kids.
I would highly recommend Larené and Heaven's Pearls!"

Colin Berr

recommends Heaven's Pearls Exclusive Baby Care.

"The reason why I highly recommend Heaven's Pearls Exclusive Baby Care is because the person behind it is Larené Lues. Larené Lues bears both a deep pedagogical understanding of a child's growth and the emotional touch to care for children in a nurturing, empathetic way. She is wonderful with children of all ages, even us bigger ones!"

Lichelle May

recommends Heaven's Pearls Exclusive Baby Care.

"I would recommend Heaven’s Pearls to anyone that is looking for exclusive baby care. Larené is like a guardian angel to many babies and small children - she is knowledgeable and very caring.
Larené is passionate about what she does and it shows in the results of the development of the babies she cares for."

Your baby’s developing brain 

Your baby’s brain is built over time: It starts during pregnancy, and continues through to early adulthood. And like a building, it needs a strong foundation.

The brain is made up of several different areas that control everything we do - from hearing and walking to problem-solving and how we feel. Each area has millions of brain cells, or neurons. These neurons communicate with each other by passing chemical messages over tiny spaces called synapses. As the messages are repeated over and over, more links are made and “neural pathways” are formed. Think of these pathways as the brain’s “wiring.” In the first years of life, these connections develop at an extremely fast pace.

So how does this development happen? That’s where caregivers and parents come in. You can help your baby’s brain develop in healthy ways. It doesn’t take special toys or equipment, and it’s easier than you might think!

Our Space

Safe, Secure and Clean,

We offer a happy, nurturing environment.
A place where your child can be safe and where they are given the utmost love and care. Our space is fully equipped to meet all your babies needs and provide them with opportunities to explore in a safe, secure and clean environment.
Our space is uniquely designed and therefore each child is given lots of attention and constant supervision.  


Your child’s first year of life and the milestones they will achieve are monumental for you and your baby. 

  1. We believe that play is vital in a child’s development and incorporate structured and unstructured play into our daily schedule. 
  2. We encourage independence, responsibility and a respect for others and the environment. We believe that the foundation years are vital in forming a happy, secure well-rounded child. 
  3. Our curriculum focuses on all aspects of development. We have different themes  and our aim is to stimulate all areas of development. This achieves a sense of security for your child and creates a great foundation for a positive experience of life-long learning as they grow and move on to toddlers and beyond.
  4. We work in close partnership with you to maintain individual child routines including sleep and feed times, so you can maintain their routines and sleeping patterns from home.  Your child’s daily routine including sleep, feeding and toileting information is recorded and displayed for you to review whenever you like. 
  5. Every parent has different needs in their journey of their child commencing child care and we are here to assist, providing a homely safe environment for infants in their first year of life and an open invitation to visit your child throughout the day or call us.

Get in touch

Location: Gordon's Bay Central

E-mail: info@heavenspearls.co.za


"Larené proved herself to be an able employee, a hard worker and a dedicated employee with reliable work habits. She often does not need guidance or supervision, but willingly accepts it when offered. She is consistently successful in improving her skills, and is a quick learner. Larené is an invaluable asset to any team, her dedication to excellence and delivering above and beyond what is requested makes her a solid addition to any organization."

"Friendliest person I have ever met."                         

She is a lateral thinker and come with new ideas at all times. Highly recommended.